Kelly G

I've been dreaming about Kelly like crazy lately because I have been wanting to write these stories down for so long but I have been too lazy so they are beginning to attack my mind. Kelly moved in next door to me when I was 10 years old. He was older than me by 25 days. I had been given a really shitty gift by my mother the year before a "safe" horseshoe set that had rubber horseshoes and wooden stakes. When Kelly first came over to my house he saw the set in my room which was still unopened a year later and he thought that would be a good game for us to play. So I gave him the rubber horseshoes to put in his yard. The next day I went over and the horseshoe set was in still in his room but out of the box. When I asked him about it he grabbed one of the stakes and said the reason he hadn't put them out yet was so he could do this... and he held me down and rammed the stake (over my jeans) right on my boo-boo hole. This set the tone for our friendship.